JAMOG (Just a Mobile Old Game) is the First Jam Game of our team. 

Basically, you're a vírus that need destroy the cellphone, to get this, you need to destroy things in all games. The games are based in classic of Atari and each one has a goal.


JSummon: You will need destroy the rockets summoning other vírus, watch out, you have only life.

JDark: You will need to find the switch in this dark scenario and the power-up to destroy the black-and-evil Pac-Mans(?). If you touch they without power-up you will die.

JRiver: The classic River Raid (?), but you are the thing that will destroy the planes and ships. It has three power-ups in this level:

Red: Powerful bullets.

Blue: More bullets per seconds.

Yellow: Invicible!

JHunt: The final level, in this big city, find the anti-virus destroying the buildings. If you encounter the vírus, set traps in scenario to destroy him! Oh yeah... you can destroy yourself.



Tsunaime (André Galrão)

kleytton08 (Kleytton Luciano)

Luke-SkyLord (Lucas Estevam)

Haruwolf (Pedro Zanardi)


Music made by Kevin MacLeod , Aristeo Lugo and Andre Galrão.

Sprites made by entire team.

Release date Aug 16, 2017
Made withConstruct
Tags8-Bit, Nonlinear, Pixel Art, Side Scroller
Average sessionA few seconds

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